Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I feel like my head is cut off

Last week was a great week and a crap week all at the same time. But this week, I'm having to catch up from last week. At the funeral, I told my grandma that I would drive her out to see my great aunt who lives in Granada Hills. Not exactly close. I also have friends coming in from a cruise on Saturday morning, but their flight out of LAX isn't until that night. So, I told them I would pick them up and take them wherever they want. I have to design, make, and finish a cross stitch that I said I would do forever ago. But I didn't realize that when I said yes, I would have to do the actual cross stitch, and then price it out per person. And make the pattern easy enough for first timers, old timers, and every thing in between. I also needed to clean out my car so that when my grandma gets into it, it looks fairly decent. I also need to clean the bathroom, and vacuum the upstairs. Not to mention clean up my slightly disastrous room. And help Andrew do his homework, take care of kids, and the other stuff around the house that my mom wants done (like dishes put instantly in the dishwasher.....that sort of thing.) I still have to put away the laundry from yesterday. Thank goodness it's already folded. I couldn't find the right size of graph paper for the design, so I searched and finally found it at Staples. Cost me an arm and a leg, but I'll never be without it again....(anyone need graph paper that has ten squares per inch???) Feeling a little overwhelmed, but I've given myself til Friday to have the whole cross stitch thing done, and I should be done by then. And seriously people, Joanns and Michaels just do not cut it. Why are there no Hobby Lobbys out here? It's very sad. Hobby Lobby is five times better than either of them. And lots of times, it's cheaper. I'm off to design a cross stitch, then clean the bathroom with the help of my five year old......he likes to clean the bathroom. Not really sure why since that is my least favorite thing to do every in a house. But I never turn down someone who WANTS to clean the toilet. :) Thank goodness for leftovers for dinner.


Emily S. said...

wow, busy busy, girl!!!! Hang in there-- one thing at a time.

And try to have FUN!


Piouette said...

Mosiah 4:27
That might help with the perspective. :-)