Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dolphins and hot chocolate

Yesterday we headed to the beach. Shell and I and our kids headed out to Newport. I love that beach. So so many memories of driving down there in the middle of winter late at night just to sit on the sand and listen to the waves. Yesterday was not near as relaxing, but it was very good. Andrew loves looking for shells and other cool stuff in the sand just as much as I do. And the coolest part of it all was seeing dolphins. This was only the second time I had seen dolphins while at the beach. The first time was when I was younger, and we were camping at Pismo beach. My sister and I had woken up and walked to the beach and there they were. It was awesome. It was a little rough to see them yesterday, but I saw enough. I just love the beach. We were cold. The sun didn't come out much. But just being at the beach is such a calming thing for me. It was fun jumping in the waves with Andrew. He had a great time. An extra special treat was stopping to get hot chocolate to warm up the kids on the way home. We found a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and stopped there. Our plan was just to buy two larges and split it up between all of us. The lady at the register only charged her for one large and we got hot chocolate for all six of us for only $6. Thank you lady at the register of the Coffee Bean in Costa Mesa. That was the cherry on our awesome ice cream sundae day.

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