Monday, June 9, 2008

What is going on??

My friend wrote this very thought provoking post. I have yet to know anyone with this experience. I do know of a situation where the soldier was wounded, and she took off with his car, son, and dog and most of his money while he was recovering from a surgery. I have several friends whose husbands come home and they really struggle with living with them because of PTSD. And things get really bad. Matt has yet to be deployed. I talk about it regularly because I'm trying to get myself used to it, trying to just expect that will happen in the future. I can't believe that this would happen to me. But as my friend says, you never know.

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Stephanie said...

I don't really know anything about anything... but what is the divorce rate in our country right now? Considering that, what can we expect of soldiers who've been through war? Maybe it's different that all the rest, maybe it's not... but I think it's worth thinking about.