Monday, June 16, 2008

So cool

I have entered at least 100 different giveaways on so many different blogs. Lots of times, there are hundreds of people trying to get the same thing. But I enter anyway, cause you never know and it takes about one minute to write a comment and post it. I checked my email this afternoon (it's only 1pm) and saw an email from a An Ordinary Mom informing me that I had won this giveaway!!! Granted, it's mostly for my kids, but that's OK. I'm just excited to have won something!!! Thank you An Ordinary Mom and Begin Smart Books!!!


An Ordinary Mom said...

We're glad you won!

Steve-o said...

Congrats. We never win anything either, but we did win a bag of crap (we were excited when they told it was $300 worth of stuff, but it turned out to be $300 of closeout-looking Celebrity Cruises-branded merchandise) on our cruise and it was nice to have a small victory.