Wednesday, June 25, 2008


In one piece. It was so hot and humid there on Monday, that instead of using the potty, we just sweat like crazy. It was pretty rough out there that day. It rained that evening, and then Tuesday was so nice out. It was still hot, but like half the humidity of the day before. We got to do most of what we wanted. I think the kids had a good time. I guess we'll find out tomorrow what they think. Today they were just excited to be able to sleep in their own beds. Both of them have discovered burping many times in a row. I SWEAR I did not teach them that. I was an avid burper in my younger years, but have since repented of my ways and rarely burp unless having a really good and carbonated root beer. Lucy is a champion burper. She thinks she's funny. Anyway, back to our was nice, and I've got a ton to do now that I'm home. Tomorrow I will try and post a more detailed account of our adventures. Of getting lost, eating pizza with a salad on top of it, and having lunch on the grass around the Capitol.

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