Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Reunions: good, bad, and the ugly

So, this past weekend was a Jex Family Reunion. Which I haven't been to in years because I've lived far away. Out of my parents six kids, only two were there. One is on a mission, Camille flew out to see me last Saturday, and my other brother couldn't afford to drive to CA twice in one month and as they have Wicked tickets for this weekend, the decided to come down the following weekend. And of course, I'm out in podunk Fayetteville.

I talked to the one sister that went, and she said that it was just drama after drama. Grandma was cranky the whole time and yelling at people for no reason other than that most of us aren't her favorites. And then some people that aren't able to come for whatever reason, others get upset about because they don't come. Sigh. Kind of glad I wasn't there.

My cousin LeeElle took a video of her two younger brothers doing some funny stuff on the beach though. You should check it out.:)

Camille and I are having a great time. We had many adventures in DC and today we went swimming to cool off because it was stinkin hot here. So, we'll see if I will get to any Jex reunions. I might always live too far away. Or I might not. Just make the stinkyness go away, and I think we'll all be good with each other.

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