Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cleaning time is fun time!!!!

I got my order today from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. I love this stuff. Since I struggle with cleaning I am willing to do anything to help me get more motivated. I am trying their shower cleaner, dryer sheets (which are biodegradable!!!), toilet cleaner, window spray, and room freshener. I already have their all purpose cleaner, surface scrub and counter spray. Right now, they have free shipping, but only for a few more days. And with this order, I got a code for free ground shipping for my next order!! Which is totally worth it. So, if you love yummy smelling things for cleaning you will love this. My favorite scent is geranium. I bought the rhubarb set and I am trying their stain remover which is baby blossom. I wish you could smell it through the computer!!! In fact I make every one smell it when they come over. :)

I am also waiting for my order from lobotoME. They are an awesome company that makes products to help you be more organized. Mom planners, notepads that have specific things on them like, feedME, saveME, and helpME. Everything is made from recycled materials, which I love. You can even buy a tree to plant to off set the carbon used for shipping your order (which I did). Since I need all kinds of help to be organized, I love this stuff. I love having a place to write down our meal plans (which I don't always do, but it helps and it has space for your shopping list) and a place to write down my chore list for each day. Cause I need all the help I can get!! I'm buying the listME (which has a place to make your list and to doodle!!), the sitME for your babysitter to have all the information she/he needs, and fitME which is a way for you to plan out your exercise and fitness goals for the week. Cannot wait for them to come!!!!!!


LobotoME said...

Hope you enjoy your lobotoME goods!

Check out my blog for more sanity saving tips!

Jenny :)

Fort Skinner said...

Do they make unscented products? With Dylan's asthma, I can't use anything with a scent.

Terina said...

no, but seventh generation stuff (that you can get at the commissary) has unscented stuff. i use their dish soap and their dishwasher detergent. they have laundry soap too. and the commissary has a good price on it.

Chelsea said...

Anything that makes cleaning more fun is right up my alley! I'm going to have to check those out.