Saturday, June 7, 2008


So, there I was, sitting calmly at the computer, talking to my sister when I see something move out of the corner of my eye. Normally, I see things moving that aren't there, so I was shocked to see that what I thought was moving was actually moving. And what was it?? A COCKROACH!!!!! ON MY CEILING!!!! AND IT FLIES!!!!!!! So, I'm freaking out on the phone to my sister, rummaging through all of my products to find anything aerosol with which to kill the nasty thing. Oh, by the way, it was over an inch long. Unfortunately for me, I haven't bought anything aerosol for a really long time. In fact, not since we've been in this house. Which means I have nothing other than the really expensive hairspray that I have. Well, that cockroach isn't getting my nice hairspray. I'm looking for something else. Shout spray gel perhaps?? Oxyclean spray for carpets?? My choices here are slim. I'm walking around the perimeter of my kitchen with my broom and a shoe. Terrified to try and knock it down just in case it flies and it flies at me. Wishing for the only time in my life that I were taller so that I could just squish it by reaching up to the ceiling. Wishing that Matt were awake so that he could do this. (I almost woke him up too. He would have been upset, and I kind of like him not being upset....) So, I gather my courage (I know, I'm a baby. I just hate killing these dumb things) and spray the oxyclean at it. It flies and lands on the door of my pantry. I start to feel sick thinking that nasty roach could get into our food. I am brave and spray it again. It goes to the very top of my cupboard where we only have a few boxes of things. And I don't remember the last time we ate anything out of them. I start knocking around the boxes with the broom hoping to scare it out so that I can spray it again, and then smoosh the life out of it. In pushing the boxes, I see it do a sort of back flip thing. I try and knock more boxes off trying to take away its hidey places. Nothing. No movement. I think I have succeeded at killing it. I hope. I'll let Matt know in the morning, and he'll have to take care of it. All I hope is that when he is deployed that I'll live somewhere where the roaches are few and small. None of this wing thing or being as long as my big toe. Yuck. The joys of living in the south and having 90% humidity.


Nicole said...

Yep, welcome to the South. Raid is your friend.

Fort Skinner said...

sorry about the flyer. It gets even better when the spiders fly at you too! :)
Use the time out chair as needed w/Jenna - I'm sure she'll be fine @ your house.
And yes, nursery was NUTS today.