Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weather Anxiety

There is a HUGE thunderstorm right now going on outside. HUGE!!! As I'm laying down with Matt I have to get up to check the weather. It said we'll get an inch of rain in half an hour. Also cloud to ground lightning. Fabulous. The bright side to all of this is that my kids never (or rarely) wake up when there is thunder going on outside. So no worries on that end. But I wouldn't mind it if they did wake up because holding them sometimes makes me feel better. My anxiety doesn't go away completely, but it does help it. It says that it should be done by 10:30, and according to my computer clock, it is 10:17. Thirteen more minutes. I think I can survive. I'll help the time pass by watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Harrison Ford can help to make me forget about the madness going on outside.

You know, I wasn't always this bundle of nerves.

OK, just checked again, and it looks like I won't be going to bed for a bit. This time it said until 11pm. And that means 38 minutes left of feeling like this. Dang. Don't know if Harrison and Sean will be able to keep me focused for that long......and the electricity just flickered. I think I'll find me a flashlight. Later.


Steve-o said...

Becca and I went to dinner at Don Pablo's last night, around 9pm (so late for us!). About five minutes after we got our food, the power flickered and then went out. We hadn't heard about it, but other people were talking about a storm coming from the northwest with 60-70mph winds. Sure enough, when we looked outside, the wind was blowing really hard and most of the sky was pitch black. This didn't bother me, but all these other people were freaking out and tried to get out as soon as possible. We just kept eating, but were soon told to move into the middle of the restaurant, away from the windows. Because of something else that had happened during the meal (a dirty dish), we were also told that our entire meal would be free. I was worried about my car getting hailed on, so we asked for boxes and left. The power never did come back on in the restaurant.

I like these big storms, but last night's experience made me realize how dependent we all are on electricity and fuel. If something were to happen and those things were suddenly taken away, most of us (myself included) would be completely helpless. That's a lot scarier than any storm, as far as I'm concerned.

Fort Skinner said...

Well no wonder you looked so tired at church today! You stayed up listening to the storm!
Just Kidding! :)

Monica said...

I'm no therapist but, oh wait, that's right, I am! I stick to the fear of death theory. Check out YOU ONLY DIE ONCE by Margie Jenkins. Ok so therapist of massage doesn't equal shrik.... both deal in a form of stess relief. HEHEHEH.