Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What gives me a high

I don't get a high off of exercising. There are few things that I get those "feel good" endorphins from. This morning though, I was a little high.

I figured out what to do for Andrews' teacher and the aide. And I took pictures, but still working on what the problem is with uploading pics. I was so abnormally creative for me. And I was so excited about it, it lasted for hours!!!

As I was looking for the things I needed this morning, I saw my scrapbooks and my scrapbook supplies. I haven't done my books for at least 18 months. Kind of sad. This has been because last year while Matt was in school, there was just no way that it was possible. Our house in San Antonio was small, and my kids were with me all the time. This year is better, but after last year, I still am not ready to start doing it again. So, maybe after our next move we'll be in a better place for me to scrap....or maybe blogging is just taking up my time instead.:)


Nicole said...

You sure you aren't ready to start scrapbooking again? I know someone who might be a nice scrapbooking friend for you. ;)

Terina said...

i don't know.....we'll have to see how organized i can get....:) who is it? you?????