Monday, June 9, 2008

I have had it

So, last night as I was getting ready to go off to my bed, I saw that damn cockroach again. I was determined that it would not get away again. It was on my wall, and it also flies, so I wasn't going to take any chances while it was on the wall. I got out my handy oxyclean carpet spray to help as well as my pretty broom and one of my shoes. I was not going to go to bed until I had killed it. It seemed to like walking on my walls, so I was literally praying that it would get down on the ground so that I could just beat the crap out of it. I finally got it a little before 2am. The process was long. Lots of waiting for it to come out of its hiding place. Now, I learned this morning that the big ones don't mean that we are dirty (thank goodness because I don't think we're dirty, but I'm not the greatest housekeeper around) but if we get a lot of the little ones, then we're dirty. So. Even though I have only killed two small ones (one of which was last night and I watched it walk through the cracks in our back door) there is going to be some major cleaning today. I've bribed my kids that if they can be good helpers then I'll take them swimming later. Since we've only been to the pool once since they opened, I'm really hoping that this will help them help me. We'll see how well it works out.

And on top of all this nasty bug business, my hairdryer died. It wouldn't work Sunday morning. At all. So, my hair was quite not the normal Sunday hair. Must buy another one today. That hairdryer is older than Andrew. And I think I spent $11 on it when I bought it. The only other hairdryer I have is the one I bought on my mission, which of course doesn't plug into our plugs here. So, my purchases today will be Raid and a new hairdryer. Because my hair non blow dried is just kind of kinky mess. I have a very slight wave in my hair, emphasized right now because of all the layers, and it doesn't look terribly good. Yay for ponytails. I will report back on how much I got done. (I'm hoping it will be a record breaking housekeeping day for me) and I will no longer be without Raid. Cause carpet cleaner spray really just doesn't do it.


Heidi said...

yikes! Good luck with the bug killing. The best $35 I spend each month is for a pest guy to spray around my house. Its the only way to survive in the desert which, oddly enough, is also totally cockroach/"water bug" infested. (But we DO call them roaches!)

Steve-o said...

Such foul language!