Monday, February 4, 2008


My youngest brother is getting on a plane and flying to Paris. Eight years ago, I did the same thing. And I would do it again. Not just because it is Paris (although I have yet to have a good trip to Paris) but because I would go on a mission again. The only stipulation would that it would have to be back to France. Not anywhere else. I am very excited for my brother, and for myself. He will be doing some shopping for me while he is there. Just need to talk to my dad about how to get him the money. Oh, I have a whole list of things for him to send me. French CD's, my favorite chocolat, my favorite candy, notebooks, and other things that I just can't get over here. I also hope that we get sent back to Germany so that we can go visit him the way we visited my other brother when he was on his mission.


J.Ammon said...

Yay for France!

Holly said...

I was in Paris, visiting friends, in 1997. I loved it. I would go back in a heartbeat. (I came over by way of LDS Blogging Women, by the way.)