Saturday, February 2, 2008

I hate forwards

I got a forward yesterday from someone in Matt's family. The majority of forwards I get are from them. I usually delete them without reading them. This forward was about registering your cell phone number so that telemarketers wouldn't have access to it. The email even said "12 days left!!!!! I'm sure thats true considering I got this same forward months ago....

I went to Snopes and looked it up, sent this person the link, and suggested they email this link to those that received the first email. This was the response I got:

I see but took only 20 sec to do so good idea just incase

Just in case of what?? That this email that has been going around for months if not years might possibly be true??? Misinform 15 or 20 people who will then misinform another 15 or 20 people each? Most people would just send out an apology email with the accompanying link. I've been caught in one of those before. And I felt so dumb having to send out another email with the snopes link on it, I have not forwarded hardly anything since.

I got another one, from two people recently. This one said that "general conference will no longer be broadcast on public television" or something to that effect. The person that sent it was out of town, on a computer not her own, and probably didn't have much time to look things up. Ok, I'll give her a pass on this one, but then I got it from someone else that she had also sent it to. I feel like emailing everyone in my contacts a link to snopes and that the next time they get one of these crazy emails, to take maybe the 30 seconds to type something into their search and find the truth. Much better to check it out than to misinform who knows how many.


Steve-o said...

Forwards suck. I do, however, look forward (no pun intended) perversely to forwards from one member of my extended family, who loves to forward racist jokes, anti-immigrant and anti-Democrat hate mail, and sappy pro-military drivel. This person's email list for forwards is quite extensive and goes outside our family, so it's pretty embarrassing.

Jen said...

I am tired of the political propaganda email as well. I only ever forward jokes, and only when they are DANG funny. And only to people I know would also find it funny.

Amanda said...

I totally got that cel phone one the other day. But it was never opened and sent to the trash before I finished reading the subject.