Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Worst weeks of my life

I hate potty training. I got Andrew pretty much done within a week. Last night I was at the PX by myself (I wandered around aimlessly just so that I could be by myself longer) and I finally remembered to get Lucy some big girl underwear. I bought several pairs, they even sold some in size 3T, which I have never seen before. Now, I just need to prep her by putting her on the potty often enough that she knows what it is and what to do. I think she does, she just doesn't want to do it. She is two and a half, and girls on average seem ready earlier than boys. I did Andrew the week he turned 3 and that seemed to work. Since I have been changing diapers for four and a half years, I think I deserve a break before my next child comes along (which I am not pregnant for any that speculate). And I want a long break, therefore, get her trained now. And save money on wipes and diapers. And maybe the next time I just might do cloth ones. They have come so far from when my mom used them. I just hated those huge pins and nasty stinky plastic pants. The diapers are pretty cute now, and I've seen a lot of people make them themselves and they are better for our environment than throwing out the disposable diapers in our landfills. Anyway, back to potty training.....I hope it will be easier with a girl. I won't have to teach her two ways to do it. Just one. Sit down and get it done. Maybe later this month we'll have our official start. I like to put them in real underwear, and let them pee and realize that it makes a mess, make them clean it up, and then teach them we only do it in the potty. It was much easier to do that with hardwood floors. But we do have a carpet cleaner.....it will be used a lot soon.

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emily said...

i love all your comments. And I am really bad at them lately because i am usually one-handed, nursing at the computer... so i just wanted to apologize for that, and say that i DO come here and read, and i do notice your friendship shining through via comment. Thanx again!