Monday, February 25, 2008


I got some good feedback after I spoke at church yesterday. I mostly talked about my personal experiences. I made a few people laugh. I wasn't trying to be funny either. One person said something about how "frank" I was in how I felt about something. I guess that is how I am. Although I would never say I was "frank", I would probably classify it as having a big mouth, or just honest.

Tonight I was changing Lucy's diaper, and we were talking about how it was just wet. I am trying to prep Lucy for potty training. I keep putting it off because I hate potty training!! Anyway, Andrew was already up on his bed and said "how can Lucy pee. she doesn't have anything to pee with." Well, I said yes, she did. He asked what she had. And he also asked what he had as I have not told him the correct name of what he has. Well, we said the correct name tonight. Then his comments were "Daddy has a penis and I have a penis but you don't mom." And then "you have a vagina and Lucy has a vagina." It just sounded funny. I also said that we shouldn't really talk about it too much. I don't know how to tell him to Please Don't Say Those Words in Public So I Won't Be Embarrased. He won't get it. Hopefully they don't come out in school at the wrong time.

I also met a new friend today. I found her on Feminest Mormon Housewives. We discovered that we both were in Fayetteville and both had military husbands. She came over this morning and we took the kids to the park before Andrew had to go to school. It was very nice to talk to another adult for a while. And then she ended up staying longer than she had planned, but thats ok. I should have given her something to drink at least, but I get so caught up in my conversations and all that I just forget. Such a bad host. Something we talked about was how we have lost the desire to really go out and make friends. I move so often, the effort required is sometimes more than I'm willing to put out for people that I will only be around for a year. It is a very bad attitude, but I'm trying to put it aside and make a few more friends in this ward. I already have my visiting teaching companion, who else do I need?? (hi rachel. promise I'll make more friends so I don't drive you crazy calling you all the time!)

I also have a friend coming this weekend. Her husband has been deployed and he will be here for a little while. So she is coming out to stay with him without their kids. (they have 5) And we're hoping he gets here when he is supposed to. Otherwise she will just have to spend the entire weekend with me.:) Not that it would be bad, but she REALLY misses her husband.....I am excited just to have a friend spend the night. It's like being 14 again and having a sleepover!! I will be stocking up the Ben and Jerrys and the root beer. And probably jelly bellys.

Such a disjointed post.


Jen said...

I'm having Flashbacks to Kindergarten Cop.

We use vulva instead of vagina... My kids have always known the appropriate names, and have never ventured out in public with them, so far as I know. But maybe I don't want to know.

Shelly! said...

I think the key with using the correct terms is to not make it a big deal. The minute kids think that something they do is funny or uncomfortable, then they do it a lot. As you know we use correct terms and while they ask lots of funny questions at home, we don't have public embarrassment. Except with the word 'boobs'. And that's because they know they get people to laugh.

So glad you had a friend over! I'll be interested to hear all about it.

Only wish I could have a slumber party. And that we could go to a concert together. Someday...

Caroline said...

Yay for friends! I had a great time talking to you yesterday and your kids are great too!