Sunday, February 10, 2008

My voice is not a good one for singing

So, I thought I was done with being sick. Whatever it is has settled in my throat, and is making it very difficult to sing. I felt bad for the primary kids today. I sound horrible!!! But I didn't have any other options. And standing in front of these kids is pretty hard for me. I don't know their names or anything, but I'm trying to do fun things. I think they liked what I did today. I barely get ten minutes with senior primary, and so it is nice and short, but leaves little time to learn the songs needed. Junior is OK. At least Andrew didn't have a fit today. We talked about how needs to behave yesterday and this morning, and it seemed to work. I did sit with him during sharing time, and maybe that helped. I really like my pianist. Since Lucy is in nursery, I don't go to the singing time in nursery, but Lucy always comes home singing songs. She says over and over again "the foolish man built his house upon the sand" and today she was singing "jesus wants me for a sunbeam". She seems to pick up on the songs more than Andrew did. So, still working on the singing time thing.

It is crazy windy here today. But few clouds and a beautiful blue sky. I hope it is this nice tomorrow. I saw a new park for us to go to. Parks are what gets us through somedays.

I finally got to watch the PBS Northanger Abbey today. I really liked it. I really liked the end where they weren't quite sure how to go about the kissing thing. I got halfway through Mansfield Park before someones Laker game came on. I guess it was his turn.... sharing has never been something I've been good at. I have tonights ready to record. I don't remember if I remembered to record it last week (hopefully I didn't miss one) and this week I will be watching them. I haven't been able to watch much lately.

And, can I tell you how much I love being able to shop at the PX? Sometimes it sucks. The south PX has very little to offer me in clothes. Most stores don't have much. (maybe the north PX has better clothes) but I always look in the clearance section for the kids. Sometimes they have some pretty good deals. I found a coat for Lucy for next year. PX price $39. It has a sticker with 50% off. I found a price check thing, and it rang up as $9.75. I got to the register and there was a sale that day for an extra 25% off of all clearance clothes. Seriously, such a great deal. And I got my best friend shoes, and my sister shoes for really good deals. Love it. I've gotten really good shoe deals there myself. Mostly because few other people wear giant sized shoes. I guess thats one of the few good things about being so tall. You get the marked down but still cool shoes.....

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It's just me... said...

I LOVE the shoes! Love, love, love! The PX is just amazing. Though you do spend a lot of time (and $$??) shopping :)

I'm cleaning up dinner and then we're headed on our evening family walk. Oh joy.