Saturday, February 23, 2008

Its late

And I am speaking in church tomorrow, but I have to stay up and wait for the washer to end. Andrew drew on his very light colored church pants, and I am attempting to get out the green and pink marker with rubbing alcohol. Then washing it in cold water. So, we'll see how they come out.

I do have daffodils in my backyard!! I have taken a few pictures, but in true Terina fashion have not uploaded the pictures. They are so pretty!!! I wish they would bloom all year round. I need to get some fake ones that look real and put them in my house somewhere. Even the kids are excited to see them.

I also went to pick up my prints that I had framed. They. Look. Awesome. I am SO excited to hang them on my wall. The best part was that framing five prints with mat and glass was only $114. I will take pictures of those too when I get around to it.

Andrew going to school has been a very good thing. Lucy cries every time we leave him at school. Andrew had only one bad day out of the three he's been. Sitting and doing his "homework" with him isn't so fun. But we're working on it.

Dancing with the Stars starts March 17th!!!!!!! So excited for that. I never vote, I just like to watch. And it should be interesting with the new cast.

I have exercised five out of the last six days. My rear hurts from Matt's super high tech exercise bike. My lower abs cannot do the pilate "teaser" exercise as it requires a stomach that has not been cut into twice. Even though I know that I haven't turned any of my flabbyness into muscle yet, I do feel better about actually doing exercises.

I got a really cool package in the mail today from my grandpa's wife. She sent me copies of the home video's that she took when they came to visit us in Germany. Very excited to watch it, but I know it will make me homesick. Although I will have to fastforward over the part where we're at Dachau and Sharon is videoing the timeline of the camp and reading it outloud. As interesting and horrible as it is, I would rather not watch it on a video with the background of my children screaming and the echo of it inside the building. Oh, and the part where we are stuck in backed up traffic in the black forest. The road is only a two lane road, one going either direction. We're completely stopped for ten minutes. A woman walks across the street in front of us walking her bike and Sharon video tapes her. Seriously. It is that exciting?

Well, his pants are done. Not too bad. But as it is too late for me to wash it for a third time, I will just let them hang to dry and then try again tomorrow. Hopefully no one will notice the very light mark of green on the right leg. Good thing all the pink came out.


emily said...

fun times! I'm proud of you for exercising. That's part of my going-back-to-school plan, so we'll see if I have the follow-through that you do.

Rachel said...

The joys of laundry stain removal... grrr. I didn't notice!! Kudos for exercising! We'll have to walk when it gets a little warmer in the mornings! Yay! I love daffodils too! Jealous! All the people who lived here before us left was WEEDS! Who do you predict will win Dancing With the Stars? I'm still debating.... it's going to be interesting!

nikko said...

I spoke in church today, too! I hadn't heard rubbing alcohol and cold water for markers. Personally, I've stopped counting stains on khaki colored church pants, LOL. :o)

Terina said...

nikko, rubbing alcohol gets out most ink stains. or if you have hairspray, that works too. then i washed it in cold water and it came out really well. is your blog still private??:)