Friday, February 8, 2008

My brother and some other stuff

So, my youngest brother is finally in France. His first area is a place called Le Havre, near Normandy. Yeah, such a hard life he has. I sent him a long email with specifics on what he must buy me. Because I cannot go much longer without these rochers (you have to look down the page a bit). And since they are so cheap on this website, I just might have to buy them from them. And perhaps a few other things. I am determined that I will live in France someday. Or at least be able to afford to go there often enough.

I took Lucy to the store with me last night. Usually when I take kids to the commissary it is pure torture, between touching things, they are fighting with each other, and then they are trying to open up snacks... I hate it. Last night though, she followed me all over the place. She was singing songs and holding her little princess book. It wasn't torture at all. Just the two of them together.

Matt will be gone all day and a lot of the night. His first rotation in the ER is tonight. There is also an activity at the church, but I don't think I'm going to go. I won't have the car, and I'm not walking there! Plus, sometimes these activities are a little lame. I have a ton to do right here at home, so it's not like I'll be bored out of my mind here.

And I love my photo printer. I love printing up tons of pictures, and whatever size I want. I am currently looking to buy Adobe Photoshop. On ebay of course. I need a better program for my pictures. Another reason why I want to go back to Europe is because I sucked at taking pictures while we were there. I was always so irritated with my mom and the amount of pictures she would take. And since I try to be nothing like my mom.....yeah, I need to take more pictures. And better ones. Maybe in this ONE thing, I can try and be like her. But I won't make people pose or anything. Just take pictures of what we're doing. My kids actually like it when I take pictures of them, so don't have to worry about any whining yet.

I bought a few things from lobotoME (see side bar for link) and I think I'm going to like them. I got their helpME, saveME and feedME notepads. They have fun quotes on them and things that say Objective: Stop the insanity. Exactly fits my personality. I did not get the packME pad because I do not want to pack for anything for a while. And I've done it so many times, I think I'm pretty good on that.

My goal today is to keep the computer closed!!! I am so easily distracted by so many things. I'm going to have to accomplish a lot before I can open it up again. And it is a nice day out, so we will probably take a walk. I was going to get Andrew registered at school, but his darn shot record is MIA. Cannot find it anywhere. I have everything else, so Matt is going to try and get a printout today at work. This boy needs to go to school. For my sanity and his.

So, today I am going to stay away from the computer and be productive!!! I'll check back in later (hopefully a lot later) and give a report on how productive I've been!!!!


It's just me... said...

TJ - we SO need to talk. Eric said you two had a nice chat last night and I think we should follow up. I'm a big advocate of you getting off the computer and out of the house with your kids :) Plus I have something that I want to send you that might help with grocery store time! My kids LOVE it!

J.Ammon said...

There's a store near our place that sells Raclette, so I'm hoping and revisiting its wonderfulness soon