Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have been beginning to potty train Lucy. Yesterday and today haven't been too bad. Yesterday we had many accidents, but today only one. She is getting the hang of it. AFter dinner I was on the computer, and I couldn't hear her. Andrew was using the kids bathroom. I finally yelled out "where's Lucy??" and she responded "I pooping mom". Immediately I jumped up to find her. She was sitting in the dark in our bathroom, using our toilet and doing her thing. Only problem was that she had forgotten to take off her underwears. Luckily, it wasn't messy and could be dumped right in the potty, but not without some help from Matt. So, she is getting it and this is only really day 2. I think it helps that she gets to wear pretty underwear and when we go out she wears princess pullups. I still have to find either Dora or princess underwear that are small enough for her 2T bum. I reward my kids with "cool" underwear once they can do it. Unfortunately, this leads to taking our pants off in public to show it off. Like in primary several months ago.

She just said "mommy I need to go potty" and she did it within a few seconds of sitting down. YAY!!!!

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