Thursday, February 7, 2008


I have these prints that my grandma bought in Paris, back in the 60's. She would travel a lot with her sister, and they each bought the same set of prints. I've had them for a while, but this is the first place that I've been anywhere near able to affording to have them framed. I tried Hobby Lobby, and then another store, AC More. I couldn't afford it at either one. A friend suggested looking online because they have some odd shaped frames online. (my prints are not in a shape that would let me just buy a frame and have it fit perfectly.) Last night I went back to Hobby Lobby to look for some regular frames as I wanted to print up more pictures. They were having a sale on their open backed frames for 50% off. There were a few that looked like they might fit my prints!! I found one, that would only need a small mat. The price after the 50% off was only $8!! The glass for each one will be $8, and the mat will only be $6. I have five prints, so it will be about $22 plus the actual cost of the mat. (the $6 is the cost of labor for the mat). The first time I went there, it would have been $47 each with just the frame and glass. No mat. And a smaller frame. I am so excited!! I get them back in about two weeks. I cannot wait to hang them up!!!! I will post a picture when I get them back. I am getting pretty motivated to hang stuff and decorate in this house. Germany was horrible for that because if we put a hole in a wall, we would have to paint the whole darn thing. In Texas, our house was so old and yucky, I had little motivation for doing any actual decorating. Here, we have a renovated house, and I have some extra money to use for getting the things that I want!!! It is very exciting. I have a few other things I want to figure out how to put up, but they will have to wait until after I get my prints back. You know, both my sister and I have a hard time decorating. I think it might be because our mom was a little crazy with it. In our little yellow house we lived in, one wall was so covered...... And I think it is why I like more modern looks. Not too much modern stuff in a house full of antiques, depression glass, and noahs ark stuff (but that is mostly in the family room. but its like noahs ark threw up in there) OK, I'm off to do some hanging and picture printing!!!

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