Monday, December 15, 2008

This really makes you think

I read this post the other day, and I reread it again today. And boy did it make me think. We recently changed cell phone companies, and we both got new phones. I didn't throw my phone away, we gave it to someone that needed a phone that was used by our old cell company. I like my new phone. But if I needed to replace it I would find a way to recycle it, donate it or whatever so that I contribute as little as possible to our landfills.

I wish we lived in a world where quality was of greater importance, and where more companies were more concerned about our earth, and where having a lot of stuff wasn't the goal. It brings to mind a license plate frame I've seen. It goes something like "whoever dies with the most stuff wins!!" Great. I certainly don't want to create even more clutter for me to deal with in our home, but be smarter about what we buy, and to use it as long as we can. It's been a little difficult to convince my husband of all this. He doesn't quite get this mentality, but baby steps. He used to make fun of me for recycling so much, but now he is putting stuff in the recycle. We'll give him some time before I've completely brainwashed him.:)

So, maybe rather than throwing out things that might not work or things that you don't want, lets find a better home for them. Or maybe find somewhere local where you can get it fixed or where you can donate them to be fixed and used for someone who isn't as lucky as the rest of us.

I am very pleased with my efforts. Today is our trash day, and I noticed that our regular trash wasn't out on the curb. Only our recycle. I asked my husband why it wasn't out. And he said there was so little in it, we didn't need to put it out. But my recycle was overflowing.:) LOVE IT!! Now to find a place that recycles plastic bags.........


Steve-o said...

The consumer electronics industry (at least, parts of it) recognizes that there's a lot of waste with things like power adapters ("wall warts") and is looking at ways to reduce how many of these are needed. There are also companies looking at ways to completely shut off current supplied to devices when their batteries are charged. Most people don't realize that even when their cellphones, iPods and other devices are plugged in, completely charged but not turned on, they're still drawing power--it's a waste.

Of course, one solution to all this is just to not buy more stuff. A little unrealistic, but it's healthy for everyone to put their wants vs. needs in perspective from time to time.

Jessica S. said...

I'm not sure if you are one of those crazies that won't step foot into walmart - but they usually have a bin where you can put your used plastic bags in, if you are talking about the plastic grocery sacks.
Derek won't recycle. I could have stuff sitting on the counter to go to recycling and he'll pick it up and put it in the trash, I think just to spite me.

Chelsea said...

Those stats on how much we consume (and throw out!) in the US are staggering. Really makes you think.

There's a great program called Cell Phones for Soldiers where you can donate your old phones, that's what I've been doing with ours.