Friday, December 12, 2008

Decoration #7 and #8

I bought these two ornaments while in Europe. This pretzel I bought in a little city called Soufflenheim, where they make beautiful pottery. (obviously I have many pieces of pottery too.) Pretzels are EVERYWHERE in Germany and many of the border towns on the France side. It is a huge cultural thing and I have never had better pretzels than while living there. Yeah, it's kind of a strange ornament to hang on a tree. But it goes well with my pickle one.:)

This is a pewter handpainted mini Germany Christmas pyramid. I have a big one that I might show you later. But I LOVE this ornament. They have some beautiful handpainted ornaments made out of pewter. I have a few of them and this one came out the best. (for some reason my other ones the flash made it too hard to see and without the flash it was too dark. sigh.) On a real one, the candles at the bottom generate heat that makes the windmill thing at the top turn around. I just love it. I doubt we'll actually light candles on the one we have, but it's a nice thought. This ornament is only about two inches tall.
To see some AWESOME German Christmas decorations and ornaments (not to mention amazing nutcrackers and pyramids) go here. I've been to their biggest stores in Rothenberg ob der Tauber and it is Christmas all year round there. If you have a Tuesday Morning near you they have great Christmas stuff there too. You can get your own Christmas pyramid or nutcracker. Ones that are actually MADE in Germany. Not China. Or wherever else things are made nowadays.

Tonight I will be putting in my site counter thingy. I was given a few links and hopefully I'll be able to install it. So, if you're lurking around here (ha. no one lurks on my blog) I will find you out!!!!!! :)

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Heidi said...

Hey, I have a German "Christmas pickle" too! Do you get a little gift for the finder of the pickle? I usually get a favorite sugar cereal and wrap it up for whoever finds the pickle on Christmas morning (Santa hides it on Christmas Eve)...the kids LOVE it!