Monday, December 8, 2008

Decoration #4 and #5

As all of you know, I am a France freak. And my Christmas tree wouldn't be complete without a little bit of Paris on it. Hence these two ornaments. I think I bought them at Kohls two years ago. The Eiffel Tower had a horrid poodle next to it and luckily that poodle broke off. (I'm sure there are Parisians and even French people that have poodles but I can't remember a single one.) Sorry these aren't better pictures.

I love France at Christmas time. In the cities that are close to the German border they have great Christmas Markets with hot wine and yummy hot chocolate. In all cities, they have decked out the city with lights that drape across the streets. Lindt chocolate starts to sell their coveted-and-only-sold-in-France Pyrenees chocolate. And the normal one full aisle of chocolate at the grocery store becomes three or four. I just love it. I love it all. And I miss it dreadfully. Luckily I have many ornaments that I bought over there that bring a little of that feeling here. At least for me.

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Amanda said...

Ha! I love how you were happy about the poodle breaking off. I'm totally like that. Poodles and cats. Bleh!