Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I just read over at DesignMom something very disturbing. In two months, handmade toys will be illegal. DesignMom and the moms at Cool Mom Picks articulate it much better than will even try to do. As a huge lover of almost all things at Etsy, and also wanting to use my money to help support those using their talents to make beautiful things, I am sad. Please go to these links and read the links that they have provided to write letters to your Congressman or to the CPSC. I will be doing it as soon as I get my computer off of my bed to where I can use our real mouse. Spread the word friends. Thanks.

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Mary Alice said...

Well, if that isn't caving to the monopolies I don't know what is. So now we will be driving up and slipping cash to people in a dark alley to buy an illegal home made teddy bear? I got the down low on where you can score a sock monkey. What a bunch of wankers.