Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decoration #2 and #3

These are some of my favorite decorations that I got while living in Germany. Every year, usually the second weekend of October, the Heidelberg pavilion hosts a HUGE bazaar. Huge I tell you. There are vendors from all over Europe. English China, Dutch cheese and chocolate, Murano blown glass, Polish pottery, German is awesome. There is also a guy from Israel that sells hand carved olive wood. I love it. I bought this nativity from that guy. He even has a website. (for some reason you can't do anything on the website, but there is contact information) This is only about three inches high. It isn't very big. I chose the picture where I didn't use the flash so you could see the detail on it.

The little green tree next to it is hand blown Ventian millefiori glass. The little millefioris are the ornaments. It isn't any bigger than the nativity. I love that little tree. They had some bigger ones, but I couldn't afford to get all of them. Sometimes I wish we had been sent to Germany when we were higher ranking so that I had more money to spend on cool stuff!! But what I did get, I love. I don't regret spending any of that money.

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