Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kicking myself

So, last Thursday night I did a dumb thing on the computer. I tried to fix it. The next day Matt tried to fix it. And now it won't work. At all. And will cost at least $300 to get fixed. So, while I put the problem in the computer (totally on accident btw) at least he is the one that actually did it in.:) Ok, so maybe that's not the best way to look at it, but I don't feel nearly as guilty. I am at our neighborhood center typing this and getting in a few minutes on the internet as we will be without for a while more. Ugh. I am just retarded. But we'll survive. So, if I'm not commenting like I usually do, or my two blogs are looking a little neglected, that is why.

In something totally unrelated, I have finished making my Christmas cards!!! Hopefully tomorrow the picture will be done, and my envelopes are already addressed (well, most of them) and I've bought the stamps (stinkin cute nutcrackers). So, if you're lucky enough to be on my list, watch your mailbox. And if not, I will post a picture of my card as soon as I have a computer to upload it and post it. And maybe our picture.

So, until the next time friends. Who knows when that will be.........

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Steve-o said...

You could buy a new computer for $300. Unless you have some kind of special attachment to your current one, I recommend checking out new ones before investing the money in repairs.