Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Three nights ago, Lucy woke up and threw up. Two times. The next night, she only did it once. She was perfectly fine all day. She gave it to me, but not exactly the same if you get what I mean. Today Lucy had liquid poo. But luckily Matt got to take care of that one. I have a very very sore throat. Why does this happen right before we move? I mean really? Two years ago, right before we left Germany, I walked in the door from my weekend trip to Ireland and Andrew threw up. Then when we moved into guest housing, Lucy threw up. We arrived in San Antonio, and then I threw up. And well, other things. I'm kind of done with this. By the time we leave, we all better be doing better. Because, well, I said so.

Merry Christmas friends! I'll be back in a while.


Chelsea said...

I had the exact same bug a few days ago. Stomach bug for a day, then sore throat. I hope you all feel better soon! Merry Christmas!

Piouette said...

Maybe, just maybe, it's their way of reacting to having to move.
I know I always have some kind of freak reaction (and I'm supposed to be an adult and reason and all, but I HATE moving). I was not a psych major or anything, I just see a weird pattern.