Sunday, August 31, 2008

Such a long week

So, I seem to have forgotten a lot this week. Between Andrew starting school, that horrible day on Wednesday, and just getting through these last few days, I totally forgot that Andrew had a little talk at church and that I was playing the piano for church. And that I was supposed to choose the songs and have called the person that does the program on Tuesday night. I remembered all of that yesterday. So I quickly threw together a talk for Andrew. Then I went through the hymn book and perused through songs. I had tried to call and find out what the speakers were speaking on. But they never called back. The songs I chose seemed to be ok. Then I messed up on every song. I guess at one of my mistakes I stuck out my tongue as I was getting frustrated. I think I had about 10 things going on in my mind as I was playing which didn't help. On top of which Lucy was stinky all morning. Then once she decided to start behaving, Andrew took up the role of stinky kid. And then Andrew wouldn't even say anything when it was time for him to talk. Needless to say I'm glad that this week is done. But Matt will be in the ER all day tomorrow. So we don't get much of a holiday weekend. And Lucy turns 3 this week. Here's to hoping I remember things this week..........

(gosh I sound whiny this last few posts. maybe tomorrow I'll find something positive to post about)

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