Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh no!! Here comes Hannah

So, after last week, I thought we were good to go. And then I watched the news today. I have a friend that just doesn't listen or watch the weather at all. I think she is crazy. But anyway.....
Hannah is coming. And she is supposed to land somewhere in SC, and then head on up here. Great. Fabulous. And it's supposed to hit us sometime on Friday. Andrew might not make it to school that day. I will want him here with me. We will wait and see how things go for the rest of the week. If I had it my way, I would pack the car Thursday afternoon, drive down to some friends in Georgia and stay with them and come back Saturday afternoon. But Matt will have to work. I don't think I can convince him to miss it. Maybe we'll just go with him and hang out in the basement of the hospital. With all of my personal, irreplaceable things. And my kids. Yuck yuck yuck. So not looking forward to the end of the week. I guess I'll start emptying out the hall closet just in case we have to sit in there for a while......more yuck.


Nicole said...

It'll be fine. We are so far from the coast that even if Hannah is a huge hurricane when it hits the Outer Banks it will be nothing here. A few years ago something hit -- can't remember the name of the storm - and we joked the next day that there should be a category lower than Tropical Depression...oh yeah, there is... Breeze.

Your house is built of brick and it's on a hill. No worries about flooding. Just bring your patio furniture in.

I promise. Although your thought about using this as an excuse to visit "those friends" in Georgia sounds like a winner to me!

Fort Skinner said...

You'll be fine. Of course things can happen but when we've had HUGE hurricanes before, we only get rain, some wind. One day a couple years ago they even shut down the schools b/c they thought we'd get a TON of rain from a hurricane and it was bright & sunny all day!
Better to be safe than sorry, though. All of us that have been here awhile might get so nonchalant about it and get caught off guard, and then you will be all prepared and we'll need your help!

Rachel said...

What a crazy friend... not listening to the weather?? Hmmmm... She must spend all her days worry free!! Hee hee!
I'm telling you... hurricanes don't skip the coastline and unleash all their fury on YOU in the center!!!! You are 2 hours from the coast!! Stop worrying!!!