Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I hate Walmart

Went to Walmart today as our weekly outing off post. I needed to get the oil changed in the car, and since it takes a long time at Walmart, I figured we would do Andrews school supply shopping while we waited.

I thought I did remarkably well for me. Usually I pick up stuff like crazy in there. But I was able to really keep to what our list was, and then just very few other things. For example, they had these magnifying glasses that were cute and only $1. So, each kid got one. And their bubble no spill buckets were on clearance, so we got one of those because the kids LOVE bubbles. I didn't buy any books (I stayed far away from that section) and even though I looked at the clothes for the kids, I didn't buy any of those either. I try really hard to not even go to Walmart in the first place. So the fact that I could stick to our list so well is a huge accomplishment for me. The few extra things I got were a little expensive. Like my biodegradable flushable wipes for Lucy. I bought 4 so I wouldn't have to go back for a while. And the Annie's chocolate chip bunnies and the chocolate bunnies were a little expensive. But I did good. I just dislike Walmart more and more every time I go. So many people, and most of the stuff they sell is just junk. I would much rather go on ebay and get the same thing or better. Someday I hope to never shop at Walmart.

I also hit the PX after Walmart because we couldn't find one thing at Walmart. And I did pretty good at the PX too. I got a few things for the kids birthday's because they were on sale. But stuck to what we needed. I'm doing better!!!! Hooray!! I did almost buy a really cute purse, but I refrained.

We ate at the McDonalds in Walmart. I hate McDonalds too. I can't even tell you the last time I ate there. The fries were nasty, but my sandwich was surprisingly good. The southern chicken sandwich. They also had a Fruitopia drink in the drink fountain, so that was great to have a non carbonated choice other than water. The kids got apple dippers (but the girl forgot to give us the caramel. oh well) And now I'm suffering from the effects of said lunch. Oh well.

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Piouette said...

I have a love/hate relationship with both stores. Cheap, I love, not good quality for some things and overspending, I hate.