Monday, August 25, 2008


Today was Andrew Kindergarten Orientation. And our first day of starting to get up early. I think it would have gone a bit better had Matt's self cleaning razor not been so stinkin loud that it woke me up WAY too early. And that I had a hard time getting back to sleep so that I could get up and get going. Hopefully tomorrow Matt will close the bathroom door. And I will get to sleep and not be woken up.

His Orientation wasn't bad. Although his teacher pronounces her name wrong. Her name is DuBois as in doo-bwa. But she says doo-boyz. Seriously. Andrew will be pronouncing it correctly even if no one else does. Just because we're in the south doesn't mean people can't pronounce things right. We pronounce things correctly in our home regardless of the language.

Our car is still not back. A friend from church is letting us borrow her van for the day. Her husband recently left for Korea, so they have a car just sitting around.

I apologize for the lame posts recently. My brain isn't functioning as well as it should. Perhaps once Andrew is in school and I can think a bit clearer, I will be back to my regular posting self.


Piouette said...

Oh welcome to the world of slaughtered pronunciations. IN Southern Ill. they had all these former French settlements, to hear them pronounce them, you'd puke. No kidding!! Don always tells me to put a lid on it, but oooh! it grates on me so badly!!!! Go Dubois!!!

Jen said...

Ha, that's funny about the name. I had a teacher whose name was Mr. Schroeder, and we all pronounced it (so did he) like Schroeder in Peanuts. Well, one day we had a guest lecturer in class who asked him, "oh, is it Schr-ow-der or SchrAYder?"

Turns out the real German pronunciation is SchRAYder, and my teacher knew it, but had finally given up on trying to convince people to say it right and went along with it. I bet it happens a lot.

Fort Skinner said...

You mentioned me in your blog. Yay!! :)

Shelly! said...

I hate to tell you, but the truth is the real pronunciation is however she says it :) Just like your name is pronounced TERina and not TRina... Unless you want him to get teased you better just let him say it the way she does :) Sorry!

And if you want a funny pronunciation - ask me about my cousins!!

TJ said...

at the open house, she pronounced it with all the letters. i said, "i though it was the other way". she said yes, that it is, but that down here in the south, people started saying it the other way, because they didn't know how to say it correctly. she said she answers to both. so i figure i'll teach him the right way to say it. if she had said, "no, it is pronounced ....." we would do it that way. i just have never heard of people changing the pronunciation of their name depending on how others say it!!