Friday, August 8, 2008


~~I have changed my commenting name to TJ for your information, so that the next time you see TJ commenting, it's just me~~

My friend Nicole tagged me for this a few days ago. And since I haven't done one in a while, I thought I would actually do it. Although I won't tag anyone. I just don't know who reads my blog (I think maybe there are four of you) so kinda pointless to tag someone that will never read this.

3 Joys:

1. Being in France
2. My kids playing nicely and allowing me to be productive
3. Hanging out with any of my siblings

3 Fears:

1. Flying on airplanes
2. Becoming any more like my mother
3. Dying and leaving my kids without a mom

3 Goals:

1. Keep progressing in my housecleaning abilities
2. Trying to be more edifying in the words I say (really, I try, just sometimes.....well, it just doesn't work)
3. Try and let go of those last bits of judgementalism that I still have hanging around (ok, maybe they are more than bits, but I REALLY am trying to let go of them)

Current obsession:

Honestly, nothing major right now. Maybe housecleaning?? At least I've never been this on top of it, so I guess thats kind of obsessive.

Random fact you may not know about me:

Storm drains and regular drains totally freak me out. My dad took me to see The Incredible Shrinking Woman when I was a little girl, and she went down a drain. I wouldn't take a bath, and would scream the whole time during a bath. I would worry about my sister going down the drain. To this day, getting out of a car and seeing a drain near my feet really freaks me out. Or riding a bike next to one. That one scene in Beautiful Girls where one of them goes in the storm drain just about puts me over the edge. Yeah, blame my dad.

That’s your daily dose of me.


Shelly! said...

Any of your siblings? Hum....

And yeah, I totally knew that already about you and drains. :)

TJ said...

but how many OTHER people know that??? not many.:)

Heidi said...

Hey, check out this It is a spoof about lds newlyweds/crazy mormons. Pretty funny stuff, I think you'll get a laugh out of it.

TJ said...

heidi, i've seen that one!! it is pretty funny. too bad the people that actually do that don't read it.