Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Sunday thoughts

So, anyone else out there Olympic junkies? We've been watching it on and off today. And yesterday. And now that the kids are sleeping, I'm watching the womens gymnastics. It is POURING outside. And on this roof, it sounds much worse than it usually is.

I spent most of Sacrament meeting in the foyer with Lucy in time out. So much fun. Gave my friend Nicole lots to laugh at though. Andrew was great, behaving himself the entire time I was gone. Give the kid some paper and a pen, and he is good to go.

Last night another roach ventured into my house. And I just don't get it. I may not be the greatest housekeeper. But I'm sure not dirty. My floors get mopped. My carpet gets vacuumed. My dishes get washed, and my clothes are washed. WHY????

I'm hoping to get to the beach this week. We'll see what the weather holds. Never had to worry about the weather at home when you went to the beach. You just go. And the sun is always there. Well, almost. Otherwise, we don't have much going on this week.

I've got a new book I want to read. But I think I'll devote an entire post to it. So I won't tell you about it yet.

We're getting closer to the point where we find out what our options are going to be for our next move. I'm a little anxious. There is this supposed Fort Bragg Curse that once you get here, you don't leave. Well, not for a while anyway. There are a few people in the ward that have been here for a long time for a military family. I'm really hoping that the curse does not fall upon us. I'm not even going to say where I want to go because I don't want to jinx it. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

School starts in two weeks!!! Andrew is very very excited and so am I. We've got his school supplies all ready to go. All except one thing. Which is an outfit to keep at the school just in case he messes up what he is wearing. The chances of that happening are slim. He doesn't do it here, and never did it PreK.

I think I'm done with thunderstorms that are always getting a severe thunderstorm warning.

I haven't filled up our van since Matt left (two weeks ago) and I'm just under half a tank. We haven't done too much around here. And with gas going down in price, I just might do something this week more than go to the commissary. And they are going down just in time for my trip to DC.

So, those are some random thoughts in my head tonight.


Monica said...

Water bugs not roches. HAHAHAHAH!

Nicole said...

For the record, I didn't laugh at you during church. I did laugh a little at Lucy though. :)

And the deal with the big roaches is this: they have nothing to do with your housekeeping. When we first moved here I talked to the pest control guy (the Army used to have a contract with a real pest control company, you called housing and they'd send Canady's to your house) and said "what can I do to keep those giant roaches out of my house?" He said: "Nothing." Yep. He told me that they live outside, and they will come in looking around, especially if it's really dry outside and they need water, but also when it's pouring rain outside and their homes get flooded. So you seeing one of them during a big rainstorm is totally expected.

I know you don't like the thunderstorms, but as one of those afflicted by the "Fort Bragg Curse" (just passed the 7 year mark) I can tell you that after the drought we have been in for the past several years, I am very very thankful for them every time. I'm sure that doesn't help you too much, but it helps me.

Jen said...

Yep, we are watching the olympics too.

Yuck, roaches.