Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am SO TIRED of this day. We woke up to a huge thunderstorm that later turned into a tornado watch. Then we have a tornado warning until 5pm today. Which I cannot wait until it expires. I've been watching our local weather channel all day. Our entire state is dealing with the leftovers from Hurricane Faye. There have been tornado watches all over the state today. If I had somewhere to go that was out of all this weather I would have been long gone. I have barely been able to do anything today too. Luckily Matt came home around lunch time and made lunch for us. It doesn't help that both the kids are just tired. And so am I. Yet another reason why I really hope we move away from here come December. I really miss living in Southern California, where rain was rare. Where I rarely owned a winter coat. Where tornado's were things that we read about in books at school or that we heard about on TV. I may be willing to move back there, even if I have my crazy in laws and my crazy mom close by. I don't know. Maybe once we're out of the military we'll move to Arizona. I have no idea. OK, 40 more minutes until this warning expires. Yeah, I'm a big basket of nerves. I'm going to try and get myself together to sweep my floor, clean up the kitchen a bit more, and get dinner started. Wish me luck.

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emily said...

you and your weather nerves... California baby. :)

Hope it goes smoother tomorrow!!