Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A magical thing just occurred. Lucy did not have her pacifier again, but I learned a little trick. Even though I don't lock the door, she can't open the bedroom door. So, I close the door, with the light on, and just let her scream. I went in a few minutes ago, and she was laying in her bed totally sleeping. Awesome. And while rereading my earlier post today, I realized that I used the phrase "hit by a truck" twice. I must have been tired enough not to proofread. Oh well. I've been tired all day. I am going to get to bed early tonight, well, early for me, and I am hoping to feel better tomorrow. I've invited some friends over for dinner to try my quinoa lasagna, so I need to be up and running tomorrow so that I can vacuum, hit the store, clean up the kids room and declutter the living room. Not to mention actually make the dinner. Off to watch the Olympics. If my cable can stop being retarded.....sheesh....you would think they would make sure that it didn't act up ESPECIALLY during the Olympics.


emily said...

ah, kid-sleep. Elusive, insanity-driving, obsession that it is in MY life.... *sigh*

Good for Lucy for figuring out how to crash even without the pacifier.

Piouette said...

We're trying half heartedly to get Celeste to ditch her doudou to go to church. She actually did OK the past 2 Sundays and is improving 100 fold on her reverence level. Never had those issues with the 3 boys. She just can't stay still. AAAAAAArrrgggg and at home it's more of the same or worse.