Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts while driving in a car alone

I was lucky enough to be able to drive without anyone else in the car today. We are currently driving two cars, and Matt said that he would drive the van with the trailer and children so that I could have some quiet time.

It was just me and NPR (at least once I found it) and my snacks. And the occasional phone call to Matt asking him why he kept drifting. Or where the heck did the car charger go.

I don't get much time alone, in the car or not. I had about a million things going on in my head. Thinking about where we're going to stop. Hoping that the giant big rig truck with 3 trailers behind it doesn't cut me off. Thinking about how we're all together again. The joy of knowing my husband is dealing with the kids all by himself. Wondering if we'll have to live in a hotel for a month. Again. Hoping that we find a house that both of us like. Occasionally talking to friends.

And did you know that Boise isn't even that big? Only 5 exits off the freeway.

And why the heck didn't the White House tell New York they would be doing that flyby? I mean, the mayor didn't even know.

Swine flu? Not that I was going to Mexico any time soon, but now I REALLY won't go. For a while.

And did anyone doubt that the Lakers would beat the Jazz? I mean, really. It's only the beginning of the fourth, and they're up by 19. And I like Phil Jackson without the mustache. Not a fan of facial hair.

So, those are a few thoughts. And, we're currently staying in the nicest Motel 6 I've ever been in. Hardwood floors in the room and bathroom. Or maybe it's laminate. But it looks nice. Clean sheets. Clean bathroom. Could use a few more electrical outlets though. More driving tomorrow. Hopefully I can find NPR again.

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