Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kiss me through the phone

This little video is of my husband. These last few months, he has made a few little video's that he has sent to us. Mostly for the kids to see dad. But then he's made a few that he's posted to facebook that he thinks are hilarious. I don't know if you know this song (I didn't, and I think it's funnier if you go and listen to the real one first before you watch this) but watching Matt do a rap song with a guitar is kind of funny. Oh, and his roommate just decided to do backup while he was recording. This is what happens when I tell him he's spending too much money going out and needs to stop. Enjoy.

Oh, the song is by Soulja Boy and it's called Kiss me through the phone.


athena said...

i love that song and that was awesome. so much talent in your home!

Jessica Georgiev said...

That was awesome!!! :) I knew he had a good voice, but didn't know he could play a gui-tar! :)

orlane said...

awww thats so sweet... bet your glad to be back with each other.
Thank him for his service and give yourself a big hug too. everything you guys do is much appreciated