Friday, April 17, 2009

Last time I talk about this. Promise.

I know I keep talking about my father in law. And I'm sorry about yet another post with him in it. Hopefully this one will be the last one.

Throughout this entire thing, I have hardly said a thing to him about anything. Yet, I'm getting blamed for everything. I haven't written any mean horrible emails, I haven't left any messages. And some of the emails we've received have been really bad. So bad that I have really had a hard time NOT responding to them. I've only had one moment of weakness, and I quickly stopped that. But I am just dying inside to write him an email. I would really love to go over to his house and tell him to his face rather than send some passive aggressive email. He has big words (albeit misspelled and very bad grammar) sitting at a computer, but isn't man enough to call and speak to his son. Or to me. He is such a coward. And while it isn't very Christlike, I am just dying to do it. I want to have my voice heard. But at the same time, sometimes saying nothing says more than words can ever say. This has been, for me, a huge exercise in self control. At least with my words.

As you saw in my other post, his sister has not been making very good choices either.

There is a strange sort of beauty in the whole situation. Something that I have known for years (that his dad and sister are crazy) came out all by itself. Nothing I ever said to Matt has made a difference. But they exposed themselves to show what they really were without any help from me. So, I guess if you leave crazy people alone long enough, even if others don't agree with you, they will eventually expose themselves to what they really are. Because situations are going to come up, and the craziness is going to come out.

I am closing this chapter of our lives. I hope to never have to revisit it. Now, on to the forgiving part of it all.......sigh....

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