Sunday, April 12, 2009

This week is done

I am so glad it's Sunday night. This week has just been crap. With some good parts, like going to the San Diego Zoo with my sister in law that isn't crazy. And driving out to my BF's house and taking the kids to get their hair cut. And then savoring the 45 seconds that all four of our kids had full mouths and it was silent while at Taco Bell. Yesterday I vacuumed out my car and it felt so good. I'm hoping I can keep it from being a complete disaster before we leave here.

An update: Matt and I have figured out what we are going to do. And what our relationship will be with them for a while. While I know I need to forgive, I just refuse to put myself or my family into a relationship that just isn't good. I'll work on forgiving them, and then I'll keep us far away from their craziness. And moving away from here will just make me feel better. The crazy sister in law texted me today with "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." How lame is that. A text? But, that is probably the best she can do. Which in and of itself is just sad.

This week ahead will be a million times better.

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