Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last minute stuff

I've been trying to pack up for the last few days. Trying to not make it be all at the end, and rushing around like a crazy person and staying up too late. And I haven't done half bad. Most our clothes are packed. I bought a few 18 gallon bins to put stuff in. I've reserved our trailer, but they called today and said I have to go out to Timbucktoo to get it, AND the size I wanted they don't have but they'll upgrade me to the next size up for no extra charge. Yeah, you better. I've also cleaned the sink and the toilet in the bathroom we use. Although the sink already has yuck stuff in it from the kids brushing their teeth. I've done some research on hotels we can stay in once we've arrived. I've attempted to plan our weekend. (I'm meeting Matt halfway instead of him coming here) And I have a feeling I'll still be running around going nuts tomorrow. Somehow I always manage to do what needs to be done. And I hit Donutman and In-n-out today. And I had me some fish tacos last night. I think I'm set.

But all this is worth it to be a family together again. I just might be more excited than the kids.


Shelly! said...

Try to take lots of deep breaths today.

And yes, I do think you are way more excited than the kids. Rightfully so...

Mary Alice said...

ummmmm. have another fish taco just for me 'kay? I love me some fish tacos!