Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The first weekend in April was my birthday. And shortly after that was my due date. Two big days, one good and one not so good.
When I first came to So Cal, my BF told me that she had already asked her husband if she could use some of his hotel points (he travels a lot for his work) to take me away for a night. We decided to go to Santa Barbara, one of our favorite places to go. We had gone there for our senior trip (just her, me and her cousin) and had a great time. And I haven't been there since our honeymoon, almost eight years ago.

This was our hotel room. Specifically, my bed. But hers looked exactly the same.

Santa Barbara is a rather hippy place (which is a nice change) and there was this guy on State Street holding this sign. We ate right across from him and there were many people that came and got a hug. He had more signs, and others came up and held those signs. So there were up to four people all holding Free Hug signs. I didn't feel very huggy, so we did not go and get one. But it sure was interesting to watch.

These are the awesome Portuguese liquid soaps that I did not buy. But that I really really wanted to. They had other bar soaps that smelled heavenly. But I was very good and didn't buy them. Even though normally they were each almost $20 and they were marked down to about $4.

The weekend was very very nice. My BF's husband watched all four of our kids so that we could do this. (he survived and said he would do it again.) We went to dinner at a restaurant where Shell heard someone close by us say that I looked familiar and then said I looked like Julia Roberts. HA!!! I look nothing like her. But it was a nice compliment. We spent more than an hour in Barnes and Noble looking at home decorating books, french magazines, and then asking a couple next to us what language they were speaking. It was Russian. They were nice. We sat on the beach and saw something making these huge splashes way far out in the water. But couldn't see what it was. Then, driving home, we saw TWO different schools of dolphins jumping out of the water. I love the 101. I wish I could drive that every day. Even in traffic. Who can get upset with that beautiful ocean right next to you? It was such a nice break (wish I could do it every month) and I'm so glad we were able to do it.
Shell posted pictures of the outside of our hotel (which was huge and awesome) here.

Maybe in another ten years we can go back.

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Chelsea said...

That sounds so fun! I could use a getaway like that, oh, several times a year. :) I don't think I could resist buying those soaps though! The Free Hug thing seems to be a nationwide phenomenon. There was even a guy doing it at Temple Square during the last General Conference.