Thursday, January 15, 2009

I had completely forgotten about this

My first Sunday at church was last Sunday. It was mostly good. I saw lots and lots of people that I have known for at least 10-20 years, saw many kids that I taught the piano, chatted with some old friends, and heard the words "Prop 8" in all three meetings.

I heard it once in sacrament meeting. Then the teacher said it during Sunday school. And in Relief Society, the teacher also mentioned it. I know every single one of those people. And generally I like them. Some of them I like a lot. But it kind of made me a little sick in my tummy.

I hate Prop 8. I hate that someone had to put it on the ballot. I hate that people talk about it at church from the pulpit. I hate that this even has to be an issue. I hate all the fear mongering on both sides from all of it.

So, now that I have woken up to this, I have decided something. I will not discuss it with anyone. It isn't anyone else's business how I feel about it, especially on something that has caused such a division in people. It is between me and God and the ballot box. (ok, I didn't vote, but hypothetically, it is really between those three of us. no one else.)

All I can hope for is that the next time this comes up (because it will. this isn't ever going to stop) that I will not be in California. Or anywhere near it.


Chelsea said...

I would seriously lose it if I had to hear people talk about it that often. Even in our ward it came up a lot - and we weren't voting on it. My head came very close to exploding a few times during Gospel Doctrine. AHHH!

Jessica S. said...

I know what you mean - for the most part. My mom dealt with it alot, people talking about it and all. I'm glad I don't live there to live through it. It'll never go away. CA is only the 1st, I'm sure it'll be elsewhere soon enough.