Friday, January 30, 2009


Sorry haven't been around here much. This has been a roller coaster week. With even some upside down moments. Here is the boring and not so boring parts of the week.

~Our internet has been slow slow slow. Which is just irritating.

~I've been busy with old and new friends.

~Andrew dissappeared while I ran to the store. My mom was home with them, and he decided to follow me. We found him, after 20 minutes of the most anxious-panic-stricken-sick-to-my-stomach searching, around the corner twice. He had a guardian angel who had noticed him, but just followed him in her car to make sure he was safe. She was actually a parent of another kid at his school I had seen while at the store. This was an upside down moment.

~I got my hair trimmed, finally.

~I bought Matt his plane ticket home. Which even though it is a month before he gets here, I'm already planning things out.

~Have spent many hours with BF and all our kids. Somewhat surreal at times, but good.

~Have begun my search of someone to help me with my anxiety problem. Which reminds me, I need to make a phone call to someone.....

I am rarely this busy in our normal life, mostly because I don't know near as many people where we live. Here, I know people all over the place, and they all want to see us.:) OK, I flatter myself, but really, it's mostly me wanting to see them. I don't know if I always want weeks where I'm this busy, but it sure does make the time pass. I am off to see another friend tonight, and tomorrow I am going to go and have my car washed at Andrews school. They are having a charity car wash to benefit this family. Some of the children in the family attended schools in our district.

I promise not to be absent this week.

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