Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday, as I was helping my mom do stuff with her attic, and I was trying to get showered, I asked her if she still needed my help. She told me she would really prefer I go clean up my "mess" in the kitchen.

Earlier that morning, Lucy had spilled her milk on the table, the bench, and the floor. Which I cleaned up promptly. That was a mess.

The mess she was talking about was the skillet and lid that were clean and dried in one side of the sink. The other part of my mess were two bowls and spoons in the other side of the sink. And the placemat that Lucy had spilled on that I hadn't completely wiped off. I guess I got a little distracted cleaning up the REAL mess that I had forgotten to instantly transfer the barely dirty dishes into the dishwasher. You know, the imaginary mess. Oh wait. And I hadn't swept the floor the instant we were done eating dinner the night before. Such a travesty.

While this is her house, and she has every right to ask me to do things the way she likes it, reality is going to have to set in at some point. I will do my best to get those dishes in the dishwasher the second they are finished eating. I really will. But sometimes there are more important things. And not only that, I am easily distracted. So, I will just honestly forget that there are dishes in the sink. Oh well. At least my kids are putting their dishes in the sink. Cause who knows what she'd call that if they left their dishes on the table........

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J.Ammon said...

Can we say "regression?"

I say you give your kids secret missions to sabotage grandma's house.