Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I feel the need

It is pretty late right now, but I feel the need to post something.

I know I keep going on and on about this whole move back home thing. And I am really going to try and make this one the last post about how overwhelming/mind exploding/paradigm shifting it has been.

It just is. Driving down these streets, seeing people, going to the grocery store, driving on a just so odd, so strange. Just being around people that have known me for more than a few months is strange. It will take some getting used to. It just might be a little fun though.

Things I am loving right now are: sun. Every day. Nice and bright. Love love it. My kids get to see their grandparents every day. I can see my best friend every week, and we're in the same time zone. I get to go to family gatherings. My mother is treating me a little more like an adult. Not much, but a little more than before.

Things I am not loving: not sharing a bed with my personal heater. Sure could use him in the house of never turning the thermostat above 68. I don't like that Matt is so far away. I don't like when my kids say 'I want my daddy' that I can't say 'he'll be home soon'. I don't like sleeping on a bed that I have to bend my legs just to fit in. (OK, I have to do that with every bed but my own fabulous cal king bed.) I don't like having to put every dish in the dishwasher the second you are done eating on it.

I'll get over some of this stuff soon. It is just so strange to me after having lived the military life for five years. And I come here and most people have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm going to get tired of having to explain things to people over and over again.

So, last post about how strange living here is. Promise. I will move on to the things that I've been wanting to post about, but just haven't. Now, I'm going to bed. And here's to hoping that Matt clears housing tomorrow without any problems.........


Piouette said...

Hang in there! (see previous comments)

Heidi said...

I feel that way when I go to visit for a week...I can't imagine being in G-dora for 6 months! Weird. But it could be fun. Good luck!