Monday, January 5, 2009

Fitting in

I thought by coming back to my "roots" I would somehow not have that transition time of finding my place. I thought that it would be really fast, that I would fit right in, and not have any of those "why did I move here" feelings. Well, I do.

I thought that because I knew how to get around, how to use the freeways, what places are the best places to shop and eat, already have a few friends, that I wouldn't have this I-don't-belong-here feeling. But I do.

Maybe because it's for a short period of time. Maybe because Matt isn't here with me. Not having my stuff (see previous post) here to help the transition. I almost (gasp) want to go back to North Carolina.

I guess in a week or so when Andrew has started school, when I've been to church, when I've been to see a few friends, and when all the stuff I brought with me has found a home I might feel better. But right now, it just sucks. Here's to hoping that these next six months goes by super fast.:)


Ms. Liz said...

I haven't had nearly half of the adventures you have TJ and I still feel out of place here. I hope you're doing well though.

Jessica S. said...

north carolina really isn't that bad. You just had to leave it to appreciate it!