Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is why I love living in CA

Anyone that has read my blog knows that I love Dancing with the Stars. I watch it every week. My grandma also loves it. Last weekend my cousin Dustin went through the LA temple in preparation for his mission. My cousin blogged about it here. Afterwards, they went to Tito's in Culver City. Which is actual mexican food. (which doesn't exist where I currently live) And lo and behold, who was there but Julianne Hough. Here is a picture of my grandma with her. I don't know if she's happy because she is taking a picture with Julianne or because she just had great mexican food. Julianne was there with her mom. Having lunch. If I had been there, I am not sure what I would be more excited about. I guess if Tito's had fish taco's I might be more excited about the food. So, CA, I just might be coming soon. Make sure you have some great fish taco's for me, and it would be nice to actually meet a movie star after living there for twenty years......:)

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