Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is freaking awesome

When I checked the news stories this morning, I saw this. I'm sure most of you remember the first time he was on trial in Los Angeles. I was a senior in high school at the time. I didn't watch much of the trial, but it was pretty much the only thing that was on. Especially since we lived about 40 miles from Los Angeles. The day he was acquitted, we were all in school. I was on my way from 2cd period to 3rd. I had stayed in 2cd to watch the jury decision, and was a bit late to 3rd. As I was walking to class, there were several classrooms with students coming out celebrating. And they were all black. I don't think they really understood. That it wasn't about him being black, it was about the fact that he killed a woman. And got away with it. Not only was the evidence collected badly, but I think the courts had in their minds the LA riots that had happened about five years earlier. Between investigators that didn't do their job and the history of LA, he walked. And while I was only a teenager and didn't really understand much of it (my parents didn't even watch the trial, well, maybe they did and I didn't know) I knew the guy was guilty. It is SO gratifying that he will now be behind bars. Even if it is in Vegas.

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Jessica S. said...

Well I grew up right near that whole thing. At the time I was a nanny for a family in Brentwood that lived just 2 or 3 houses down from OJ's. That was a crazy mess, I tell you. Cops at the end of the street on both ends but they wound up knowing me & my car, plus me in the car I drove when I was nannying. There were people coming by his house taking pictures ALL the time. Also, to and from the place I nannied was the wife's house, always guarded by cops and tourists... that seems like so long ago.
I bet he did it.