Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pure self inflicted torture

I just spent the last half hour watching Rick Steve's Europe as he was in the Dordogne River Valley. And while I loved every minute of it, the longing I felt to go back there and live that life. And while my French is slowly going down the tubes, I still feel like I could live there without problem. I will live there again someday. I just don't know when. Why do I torture myself? I don't know. Maybe to remind myself that I won't live here forever. Or just to be jealous of Rick because his job is to travel and eat amazing food, and at the same time get to share it with all who watch his videos. Just not fair.


Jessica S. said...

at least you've been there and have the experience - some of us long to go there for the first time!!

Stephanie said...

I love Rick Steves... LOVE. I think we have every video. It makes up for the fact that we don't have TV. :)

I hear ya... just today I was trying to figure out how to move to Europe.... Ahhhhh.

peter said...

I've never read this blog of yours. But I agree, moving back to France for a while would be awesome, I always drool over European travel shows, too.