Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not enough

We found out yesterday afternoon where we will be spending the next few years of our lives. Which is great. We finally know. But we don't have orders. We don't have any dates. Nothing except a location. Which is almost worse than not knowing at all. Because with only two months before he graduates, we have to make plans. But we don't know enough to make any solid plans. So many variables. Matt has to go to officer training school. We have to drive about 3,000 miles to our new home. The waiting list to live on post in our new home is the longest we have experienced. And Matt has to physically be there to put us on the wait list. We don't know the area at all, but luckily have two military friends that are already there that can help us. Andrew needs to be in school. I am having a baby. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
It's been a very overwhelming 36 hours. And today we found out that the military will only get Matt from here to his school. If he goes to our new place, we will have to put out the money to get him back over in this area. But I will be homeless when we get there. We could rent a place until we have a place on post. But I don't want to move twice. We could buy a house. Not to mention that my sister is getting married. TOO MANY DECISIONS!!!!!!! So, we are waiting for another tidbit of information that the army is willing to give to us. I have about 3 or 4 different plans of action currently in my head, trying to figure out which one will be the best. Sigh. Maybe next week things will be a little more clear.


Jessica S. said...

well I'm glad you know where - too bad it's not here.

The army is awful with orders. We didn't get ours to Bragg until a week before Derek graduated flight school! We had one week to get everything done, I was pregnant (34 weeks), Dylan was in school, housing list was 12+ months - fortunately we only had to bo 400 miles.
Hang in there, you'll do just fine! :)
3000 miles, does that mean you are going to the west coast? Like Ft Lewis? or down to Texas again?

Mary Alice said...

We had three weeks notice once that we would be moving, not just stateside either, overseas. It was a great job opportunity so we did it. It was Christmas time, we arrived with no house to go to. You'll make it. Really you will. Just be flexible. I can understand not wanting to move twice, but honestly we have only had one assignment where we didn't end up having to move twice. Looks like even here we will be moved for renovation. I'm not trying to sound like I'm one upping you with hardship stories, I'm just trying to say that you will be surprised by what you can do and what you can endure, that previously you thought you couldn't- and in the end it all works like it was supposed to. Every place I've been, every house, every move, I can look back on now and see "why" it was meant to be. Have faith.

Heidi said...

In your future, it will be the, " the snow...both ways..." kind of story to share with your grandchildren.

That is how I look at military life as a day it will hopefully make me laugh instead of cry!

Christy said...

So when's the big reveal as to the location? I guess we have to wait just like you, huh? :o)

Everything will work out, I'm sure.

Piouette said...

So, where are you going?